Five Star Multi-Directional Hydrant Diffuser
"Five Star Hydrant Diffuser has worked out great for our annual flushing. We have been using the diffuser for eight years now. I really like that the water flow can be directed to the curb line. The Five Star Hydrant Diffuser makes flushing a breeze."

-Kory Jorgensen, City of Fridley Water Supervisor
"We have used the Five Star Hydrant Diffuser and found it to be a very effective tool in our hydrant flushing program. It has eliminated restoration of sod and blacktop damage. The option to control the direction of water flow is an added safety factor in heavy traffic areas. After using different types of diffusers in the past, we have found the Five Star Diffuser to be the best for our hydrant flushing program."

-Bruce Juntunen, Utilities Operations Field Supervisor, City of Brooklyn Park, MN
"The City of Champlin purchased a Five Star Hydrant Diffuser which we found to be more efficient than other diffusers. We are very satisfied with this diffuser, so much so that we have purchased five of them and highly recommend it to any city interested in improving their flushing program."

-Mike Bramwell, Utilities Superintendent, Champlin, MN
"The City of New Brighton purchased a Five Star Diffuser in the fall of 2000. It was used for 6 days during our flushing program. It is a good tool to use for flushing because of the swivel apparatus. being able to flush a hydrant down a road instead of across it is very important, especially if you have to let it run for a long time. It cut our damage to property down to nothing. It was a good investment for us. We also tried out the de-chlorinator attachment with good success flushing out a pipeline with high chlorine content it dropped the residual down to no detection."

-The City of New Brighton
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